Monday, January 5, 2015

Meet some of the CIEC (Centre for Industry Education Collaboration) team in Reading at ASE 2015

The complete Centre for Industry Education Collaboration (CIEC) team: (from left) Gayle Pook, Nicky Waller, Jane Winter, Clare Warren, Jenny Harvey and Joy Parvin

If you are attending this year's annual ASE conference at Reading do take the opportunity to meet and chat to Joy Parvin, Nicky Waller and Jenny Harvey.

Jenny is the first CIEC team member to hold a workshop - Friday 9th January at 12.30pm in the Palmer Building, Room 107. Using CIEC practical activities Jenny will be looking at links to the new curriculum, age appropriate standards of expectation in 'Working Scientifically' and how to use these for planning progression through Years One to Six.

Joy Parvin is talking at 3.30pm the same day (also Room 107 in the Palmer Building). Joy will be demonstrating how using freely available CIEC activities can help children develop their science skills by active participation in science activities.
Do come to the talk to meet Joy and get to know more about CIEC.

Nicky Waller's workshop is on Saturday 10th at 9.30am in Room G9 of the AMS Building. Nicky will be demonstrating how there are plenty of suitable science activities for 5-7 year olds who would enjoy a science club.

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