Monday, August 24, 2015

Roysia Middle School, Royston, is an enthusiastic fan of the joint CIEC and Johnson Matthey project

Roysia Middle School has been involved with the joint CIEC and Johnson Matthey (JM) project since the appointment of the CIEC Advisory Teacher, Clare Warren, in Royston. Clare delivers science lessons in school linked to concepts the children are able to see in action during their site visit to the Johnson Matthey site at Royston.

Zoe Linington, Head Teacher of Roysia, is a passionate supporter of the initiative and spoke at a
recent joint CIEC and JM event held at Johnson Matthey.  She strongly believes that primary children should be encouraged to enjoy science and think of it as a possible future career, “Young children need to see the relevance of abstract concepts. They need to love their science education so much that they don’t want to give it up.”

Certainly the pupils from Roysia have greatly enjoyed their experience as some of the following comments, made during their visit to JM demonstrate. Some of the children enjoyed particular aspects of the visit, “I enjoyed making the wash coat because you got to see some awesome things.”, “The ketchup experiment.  EVERYTHING!” and “I enjoyed the tour because I learned something about industry.”  Whilst other children just loved all of it “I liked everything because you all made it fun as well as practical.” and “I liked every fing.” [sic].