Friday, March 30, 2012

Industry Ambassadors to support science in the classroom.

Ambassadors from Lucite and FUJI met with the science department  at Northfield School Billingham to begin the development process for a STEM project to take place in school this summer.  The new ambassadors will join Johnson Matthey employees who introduced this initiative at St Michael’s last year.
To extend Children Challenging Industry into secondary schools, CIEC Promoting Science provide support and training for this programme where volunteers from local industry take part in practical science lessons to enhance the context of the lessons and show pupils how science is applied in manufacturing and research.
John Burgess, head of science at Northfield, thanked the ambassadors who attended and said ‘Last night was an excellent start to the process and we look forward to taking the next steps.’
CIEC are looking forward to delivery of this project in the classroom as it more than doubles the number of ambassadors that were involved in last year’s very successful pilot.