Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What do children think about being involved with CIEC Promoting Science projects?

Year 7 children voiced these thoughts after their participation in the Johnson Matthey ‘Future Scientists’ project managed by CIEC Promoting Science.
“This project has shown us what real scientists and industry is about. It has reminded us of our first industrial experience in year 6.”

“We have enjoyed working with JM ambassadors and we noticed that some of them are women.”

“I had not thought about a job in industry before but now I am thinking about it”.

“There are many exciting jobs in industry that I hadn’t thought of before.”

“I feel as if we have been doing real science”.
Two pupils from St Michael's RC Secondary School demonstrating their experiment on catalysts

Fingers in the Pies

The new school year is well under way and CIEC are stuck into lots of exciting projects.
  • Children Challenging Industry continues to inspire youngsters to take science seriously;
  • Courses are being delivered at Science Learning Centres in York and elsewhere;
  • New learning resources are now available, others are in development;
  • The whole range of support materials and teaching resources, previously on the Primary Science Enhancement Programme (PSEP) web site are now freely available to everyone.
Currently looking for more pies...