Friday, October 21, 2011

Trainee teacher's involvement with CIEC Promoting science

Trainee teacher Katie let us know how much she had enjoyed being involved in a CIEC school session.

“I am currently a trainee teacher studying for a PGCE at York St John University.
Towards the end of last year, I was working as a Teaching Assistant at St.Margarets C of E
School, Horsforth, Leeds.  I was lucky enough to be involved in the session
when a CIEC trainer came and delivered a lesson on " finding a suitable
sealant to fix a burst water pipe".  The kids absolutely loved it, and it
was inspirational to observe from the point of view of a trainee teacher.  I
am currently writing a science assignment on "The teaching and learning
of science". Naturally, I wanted to exemplar this session, as it was so interesting and relevant to children learning about science.”

Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Water for Industry session of the year!

Just got off to a flying start with a very keen and interested Year 6 class in Billingham. After session 1 learning about how water is used on an industrial site and investigating the properties of sealants for joining and fixing leaking pipes, it became clear to me that not all children in their final year of primary school are confident setting up a fair test. Lots more work to do here and I look forward to returning to the school for future 'Children Challenging Industry' sessions.