Monday, November 3, 2014

CIEC resources suggested in NSLC chat

The following question was posted on 18 October on the STEM centre chat board.

Generating Electricity

Water for Industry

What will people be using to enrich science topics for children who have mastered all the topic objectives while the teacher is supporting those who need more input? I am thinking it will be applying knowledge in design and problem solving tasks such as CIEC activities, is that what everyone else thinks?

Jenny Harvey, CIEC Advisory Teacher for the North East replies here:
'Of course I think that is a brilliant idea, but then I use them all the time, being the Advisory Science Teacher for Children Challenging Industry across Teesside. I also know that our online resources cover many aspects to the new primary science curriculum as can be noted here:
More and more teachers are using the CIEC resources to address context and purpose. Our investigations tackle real problems that are encountered within science-based industries, reflecting more closely the way science is carried out in 'real life'. This approach improves children's motivation and understanding. So why not check them out!
Plastics Playtime
All of our topics are available as fully downloadable pdf files with lesson plans, equipment lists, work sheets and cards and the latest ones have interactive web sites too. They are real life science activities with purpose, relevant to the new primary curriculum and what's more they are all free!'
Primary Science resources link: