Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Young People's Book Prize activity sheets



Congratulations to Maggie Alderin Pocock who has recently been crowned the winner of the 2023 Young People’s Book Prize with her book of frequently asked questions about space ‘Am I made of stardust?’.

Part of one of the pupil activity sheets. Most of the text is too small to read but the title is 'Am I made of stardust' and we can see the front cover of the book.

Did you know that CIEC writes resources every year to maximise the learning that is possible from all six of the shortlisted titles? There are separate pupil and teacher activity sheets. Between them, they have sections on relevant careers, on maths links and the profile of a relevant scientist, as well as several engaging science activities which will help teachers to make effective links with the science curriculum and the content of the books.  All of the investigations can be done as standalone activities or carried out as an in-depth sequence to develop pupil’s disciplinary and substantive knowledge. The sheets also contain information about how schools can apply for a Royal Society Partnership Grant of up to £3,000.

Part of one of the activity sheets. most of the text is too small to read but we can see the front cover of 'Live like a hunter gatherer' and the title of the whole sheet is 'Live like a hunter gatherer teacher sheet'

 Whether or not your school has been involved in the judging and whether or not you have access to the books in question, you will find that these free resources can have a positive impact on STEM learning in your class, so why don’t you take a look and let us know what you think?

A stack of books.

We will send a copy of one of the books that has been shortlisted in the past five years to the first three schools to be in touch at with information (and ideally pictures) of how they used the CIEC activitysheets in their schools. Additionally, the first 10 schools to get in touch will receive a hard copy of a full set of this year’s activity sheets.