Friday, February 2, 2018

Children Challenging Industry in action

Su Mennie is our advisory teacher in the South East.  This week she has been working with STEM ambassadors from Johnson Matthey and children from Mary Exton school in Hitchin.  The ambassadors were supporting the children to investigate viscosity and filtration and to make links between the science that they do in school and what happens in a real life context in industry.

Did you know, that even if you do not live in an area where our acclaimed Children Challenging Industry programme is in operation you can still take advantage of our resources which are available free on the CIEC website?

For example, the activity that Su was using at Mary Exton school was taken from Runny Liquids which can be found by clicking on 'Primary' to the left of the CIEC home page, and then scrolling down to find a list of all of our primary publications.  Why don't you go and check it out?  It is well worth a look.