Monday, December 3, 2012

Positive Feedback from CIEC visit to Nanjing

Below is some feedback from Professor Ye Zhaoning after the three day course that Joy Parvin and Gayle Pook delivered in Southeast University, Nanjing, in November.

Teachers participating gave positive feedback. 90% of the teachers felt much satisfied with the content, activities and training methods, and gained a lot. Context, on-going assessment and talking strategies were the most important ideas [that] teachers learned and would like to practice during their work in the future. Differences between the education systems of China and the UK were also interesting. Joy and Gayle’s comments on teachers’ lesson resources were particularly helpful. “Joy and Gayle are very professional. We’re much moved by their dedication.” Participants said, “Thank them and LBD project for giving us such a wonderful opportunity to learn about new teaching and learning strategies, and we hope to take part in this kind of workshops again.”
Professor Ye Zhaoning (left, pictured during her stay in York) hosted the three day course in Nanjing

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