Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CIEC Promoting Science visit a Nanjing Primary School

Being greeted at the school
Gayle Pook and Joy Parvin have recently returned from a visit to South East China University, Nanjing where they were delivering primary workshops to primary teachers and advisors.
The workshops included context based practical enquiry, classroom communication strategies and assessment for learning techniques which compliment the Handsbrain- doing to learn ethos being developed at the University. The teachers enthusiastically got down to work on the CIEC activities.  Although Joy and Gayle were there primarily to deliver professional development, one of the highlights of their stay was visiting a local primary school.
At the school they were greeted by some of the pupils giving a presentation (in English) about their school and its history and expertise in caligraphy. This was followed by observing a very active science lesson where the children were exploring conductors and insulators. There was also an opportunity to discuss education in China with the principle of the school.
Working together to find answers

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