Monday, September 7, 2015

Nicky Waller leads NSLC course 'Extending Thinking and Learning in Primary Science'

NY001a15 Extending Thinking and Learning in Primary Science

This course is based upon the ‘Thinking, Doing and Talking Science’ project
from Oxford which worked on the premise that science lessons which are most
successful at engaging and motivating pupils and raising their attainment
feature more practical activity, deeper thinking, more discussion, less (but
more focused) writing and more questioning.

You will be able to:

- clarify appropriate standards of expectation in primary science
and explore how to provide a rich and stimulating environment for children

- develop a clear understanding of progression and differentiation
in science

- develop a range of strategies to promote learning using higher
level thinking skills, effective questioning and discussion

- become more confident in delivering a range of practical
enrichment and extension activities

This is a residential course, two days 28-29 September 2015, followed by two
more days 8-9 February 2016
. Apply for an Enthuse award bursary to cover the
cost of professional development activities provided through the National
Science Learning Centre – meals and accommodation are included.

More details of the course here...

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