Monday, June 30, 2014

How can we engage less priveliged children with education in general and science in particular?

Quit a bit of research lately seems to show that the underprivileged indigenous population are falling behind in their educational attainments when compared with other underprivileged groups - with boys also lagging behind girls. How can we engage these children and get them interested in improving their life chances?
One of the classic educational tools is using 'learning by doing' - something CIEC has proved can improve science attainment .
All CIEC activities are context based - so why not try Turf Troubles  ?
Turf Troubles investigates the best conditions for growing grass suitable for a sports pitch. Tie this work to the World Cup/Wimbledon/golf/whichever sport your children like!
Turf Troubles
A sports company wish to provide a turf surface at a sports ground suitable for a range of activities. Information is required on suitable grass types and the best growing conditions. They also need to know how much water will be needed, and the effects of soil type. By investigating various conditions of plant growth the children discover which will produce the best grass.

For children aged 7-9

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