Monday, April 14, 2014

Climate change is a big ask for all of us to understand and act on. How do we explain it to children?

The general consensus at long last seems to be that climate change is happening, it is largely man-made and we need to, at the very least,  mitigate its effects and try to come up with solutions.

This is such a huge subject and the consequences of not acting now are far reaching and not limited to actual climate change.

How can we ensure that the next generation understand all the consequences, both of the science of climate change and its wider influence? Probably the best approach is to give primary children a good grounding in the basic science involved. Armed with the facts the other consequences should become apparent as the children mature and see the wider picture.

Have a look at Climate Choices - Children's Voices, a CIEC site for 7-9 year olds to get them started.

 Climate Choices - Children's Voices is aimed at teachers of children aged 9-11 years ( UK years 5 and 6) who want to help children begin to understand the challenging and complex issue of climate change.
Action to tackle climate change is urgent; the world's poorest people are suffering. This is not inevitable, and through this site children can discover that personal action can make a difference.
In addition to introducing climate change, the site looks at how food choices impact on climate change and how climate change is affecting food supply. A range of resources, including video clips, presentations, games and worksheet-based activities are provided for you to use as appropriate.
The site content links to several curriculum areas and initiatives, including Excellence and Enjoyment, Every Child Matters and Sustainable Schools.

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