Monday, March 10, 2014

Is primary school the right place to tell children about the scientific industries?

There is much debate about equipping school leavers for the workplace. It seems that many young people leave school with little idea of what to expect from the world of work. Perhaps earlier engagement with what 'work' is all about would be a good thing for both employers and the young people who at times can seem ill-prepared.

Work experience in the later stages of secondary education is an invaluable way to show 'work' to pupils who may have no idea what to expect. But wouldn't it be great to start introducing them to workplace scenarios at a much earlier age?

Why not look at some of the CIEC resources which are all context based - setting children scientific problems to solve based in the world of the science industries?

If your pupils have been watching #Crufts2014 over the weekend why not look at CIEC resource Medicines for Pets .

This resource focuses on the processes involved in developing pet medicines. The context is closely related to the challenges faced by research scientists and manufacturers.
Activities investigate the extraction and purification of the active ingredient, the formulation of a tablet, the best tablet shape and developing a suitable coating..

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