Monday, July 1, 2013

Children Challenging Industry visits to Chemoxy International in Middlesbrough

Two Children Challenging Industry visits at the Chemoxy International Middlesbrough Site by children of Breckon Hill Primary School have been declared a resounding success!
The teachers and children were extremely complimentary, and expressed several times how much they enjoyed it. The school was very grateful of Chemoxy’s kind hospitality and the time site personnel took to describe what they did and to show them around the site.
The first group’s visit explored the theme of 'Heating and cooling', which naturally tied in well with the children’s 'Water for Industry' CCI project at school. The tour guides, demonstration presenters, fork lift truck demonstration, water curtain demonstration, the balloon experiment in the R&D lab went down particularly well (no pun intended!) and showed how water can be used for cooling.
The second group’s visit explored the theme of Mixing’, with close links to their CCI ‘Kitchen Concoctions’ science project at school. The short interactive presentations and activities showed the children how we use recipes and equipment such as agitators, tanks, drums and how we mix and use chemicals on site. There was plenty of time for questions and answers about careers@chemoxy too.
Both groups finished their mornings with a quiz about what they had seen as they walked around the site. Prizes for the quiz (books on children’s science experiments, encyclopaedias and dictionaries) were issued to several lucky winners. Finally, together with some unusual goodie bags that can be used for making compost, each child was issued with a certificate to commemorate their visit to Chemoxy. The presentations and pictures taken have been sent to school for use at their assembly.

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